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Yida Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Gaochun Development Zone, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China, which founded in 1999, committed to the development and production of metallic substrates for TWC/DOC/VOC catalysts etc. Currently, our company`s production capacity is 12 million pieces/year,which total investment is 150 million RMB(approximately 20 million USD) and is the biggest metallic substrates manufacturer in China.


Yida has formed its own unique advantages in metallic honeycomb technology for all kinds of catalysts application, with independent intellectual property rights and a number of product technology patents. . The products have been widely adopted by China domestic OEMs and the global famous catalyst manufacturers.


The metallic substrates produced by our company have the characteristics of good thermal shock resistance, strong bonding force with the catalyst coating, reliable brazing strength, and long service life. Used by domestic and foreign manufacturers, the life of metal honeycomb can reach more than 200,000 kilometers on automobiles and more than 30,000 kilometers on motorcycles, which can fully meet the requirements of China 6b/ Euro 6 emissions standards for durability. Our EHC (electrically heated catalyst) substrates are currently mass-produced and assembled in the Chinese OEM vehicles. 


Main Products:  Metallic substrates/EHC substrates / Metallic GPFand DPF 

1, Metallic Substrates Specification: 

S-shaped structure/Concentric shaped structure/ Turbulent BC structure.

Diameter :20—550mm 

Length: 15—300mm 

CPSI: 50—900cpsi 


2, EHC(electrically heated catalyst) Specification:

EHC size: Diameter from 80-315mm, 100cpsi/130cpsi

12V voltage:EHC power range, 1--2.5kw

24V voltage:  EHC power range, 2.5--8kw

48V voltage:  EHC power range, 2--7.2kw

220V above voltage: EHC power range, 6--10kw


3, Metallic GPF/DPF: under development



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Address:NO10 GUTAN ROAD, Gaochun, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China



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